Wild Greens: Turn Weeds into a Great Salad in Winter or Spring

Here are wild greens and common yard weeds that can be turned into great salads, anytime the weather is cool and wet. Even in the winter, if the ground isn’t …

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  1. Thank you Holly Chris. I so enjoy your videos they're so excellent I appreciate it and we in Eastern Canada🇨🇦 really are starting up on foraging for wild edibles so it's a hot commodity around here too! HALLELUYAH

  2. Just wanted to say thanks sis for sharing also. Your time and effort on these videos dose not go unrecognized. Your knowledge is a Blessing, and hope to be half as smart as you one day. For I myself have started being more resourceful and eating what GOD has already given us. The general teaching of living, surviving, has been interrupted by convenience.. thank you AGAIN..

  3. THAT is a georgeous salad packed with 20 plus anti-oxidants and vitamins in the middle of the winter!!! If we ALL ate our weeds, Covid 19, or whatever you call the scourge, would be a NON-issue! Thanks for the info and wisdom!

  4. While I'm no expert at foraging, I've gathered the odd wild edible over the years. I really appreciate what you did here, and the salad looked amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I wish you can do a foraging class here in WA state. You make it look so easy to identify wild edibles. I am very terrified. I haven't checked your videos but I wish you can do edible plant identification for dummies :).

  6. I love your videos!! I think I just watch 15 in a row…I need to meet someone like you and do some foraging for a week or two to become self-sufficent. Keep up the great 👍 work!

  7. Oh Lord,
    16 edible wild green or weeds!?

    I just started picking dandelion from a church lawn next to us, but happened to be something else…

    Thank God it wasn't poisonous but similar taste with dandelion. Thanks for the informative channel and please show other green such as wild chicory…

  8. Hi there, has been 1 year u dont upload video, i hope you are OK,. i miss you very much, you such a lovely person, you bring peace to my soul! pls let me know you are fine 🙂 greetings and hugs

  9. Thank you! I just realized my most hated "weed" in my yard is Common Mallow thanks to you! Now instead of wasting my energy pulling those dang things (and those taproots go DEEP) I'll use it for tea, and salads! Hope all is well, thank you for taking the time with all of your informative vids.

  10. Hi I'm new to your channel and I've been looking around my garden. I saw some but I can't identify most of them. Could you take a look at my videos on my channel and tell me what they are? That'll help me so much. Thank you!

    And if there are some of you (youtubers) who are familiar with your wild edibles.. I hope you guys could help me as well.

  11. That salad looks so delicious! Could dig right in. Just uploaded a video on wild greens as well, will love if you come check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  12. I can recognize many of them my friend.
    Some I not even imagined they were edible.
    Nice how you keep them organized.
    The salad looks very tasty.

    Thanks for sharing. 👍👍

  13. I'd love to meet you and we could go foraging together sometime! I too, live in Oregon, and judging by the way the ground and plants look in your video, we aren't across the state from each other…

  14. Just stumbled onto you channel. I absolutely love your videos. I am going to watch them all. Recently my brother and I have been working on making wild edibles garden with our native plants here in Kentucky. Your videos are really going to help.

  15. Just stumbling across you channel and notice you seem to have vanished, did you give up on the channel or are still around but just too busy or what?

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