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It’s finally here! Today’s What’s For Dinner Video is the open collaboration that myself and Jenn (CookCleanAndRepeat) are hosting. So after you watch my …

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  1. I think your family is the absolute cutest! I love your relationship with your son and how close y’all are! Also I think it’s the cutest how helpful your husband is! Keep up the good work I see big things headed your way! ????

  2. Just a tip…when I make pizza casserole I like to cut my pepperoni into fourths so that it really mixes throughout the dish and you get some in every bite.

  3. Definitely want to make those beans. Yum! The Pioneer Woman sloppy joes are our favorite. Once I tried her recipe I won’t eat sloppy joes any other way. So flavorful!

  4. I found out about your channel through the collab. I’m so glad I did! I used to live in Duncan, SC and my coworker used to make chicken stew (never heard of it til I moved to SC!) I lost her recipe and I’m thrilled I found yours! Thanks for sharing! ~Andrea

  5. I love it when your husband comments on the meals u prepare bcuz u can tell his reaction is genuine and he appreciates your cooking those are the type of comments that will definitely keep u in the kitchen lol btw i made the no bake jello cheesecake u posted a few videos back and my son isnt a big cheesecake fan but he definitely loved that he ate half of the pie through out the week by himself so its safe to say i will make that again lol

  6. Everything looked amazing!!! Thoseeeee Beans looked sooooo yummy ???? Thank you so much for hosting this collab! I had fun participating and can’t wait to try a ton of the dinner ideas on the playlist!! ????

  7. I dont know if it is just me with the issue, but when I click on the whats for dinner playlist it just goes to the cook, clean and repeat and from her link it goes back to hers again so not seeing anyone on this collab except you two….maybe it is just you two and I misunderstood but wanted to let you know in case!! Great recipes – love your husband's input!!

  8. Everything looks delicious! Could I substitute a red bell pepper for the green on these dishes? Any suggestions I just don’t care for green bell peppers. Should I or better to just leave out completely?
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great video, Mandy.
    Thank you for sharing your family meals, with us.
    (Could you tell me what brand of cookware/pans you use?)
    Thanks! 🙂
    ETA: Nevermind, I should have looked on your Amazon page before asking! 🙂
    Thank you!

  10. New here from Moss Family Tv channel! I love your what’s for dinner videos!! Everything looks so good and you have the neatest kitchen gadgets. What brand pots and pans do you use?

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