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WHAT'S FOR DINNER? | EASY & AFFORDABLE FAMILY MEAL IDEAS (with recipes!) 2019 | Lauren Midgley

What’s for dinner? Easy and affordable family meal ideas with recipes! In this video, I will be showing some quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas!

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  1. Hi, Lauren! I’m a new subscriber of yours and I’m so happy to have found your channel! My name is Kelley, I’m 28 years old and have a 9 year old daughter :-). My husband I have been together almost 13 years now and the meal I make my family most often is broccoli and macaroni. It s a childhood favorite of mine! Good luck with your goal, you deserve many more followers! Xo

  2. Hi Lauren!! Thanks so much for sharing your What's for dinner recipes!! They all look delicious!! Love Love watching your videos and channel!! Hope you are having a great week!! Hugs!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I am exactly the same about mayo. Just barely enough to wet the bread. I also eat chips in my sandwich and my husband thinks I am crazy! Maybe we're food twins! 🙂

  4. I have 4 kids and sometimes it’s sandwiches for dinner ????????‍♀️ by Friday, it’s a mashup lol I usually cook for everyone every night but by Friday, one kid is getting a grilled cheese, one wants Dino nuggets, Chef Mic (aka microwave) to the rescue lmao

  5. All of that looks so good! ???? I made the chicken taco chili last night and omg! It was a hit! ???? the kids loved it with some tortilla chips!
    I want to try out the spaghetti one and the pot roast!! Good job! I'm living for these videos! Lol its giving me more options instead of cooking the same stuff all the time! ????

  6. Girl, thank you for sharing! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my InstaPot! I'm always looking for a good receipe! AND, easy! Everything looked sooo yummy! Have a sweet week, Lauren! Hugs!

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