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WhatsforBreakfast #Easymeals #breakfastideas #budgetfriendlymealideas #mexicanfood #CrystalEvans I want to take the time to thank God first and also …

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  1. As a mexican who grew up in the barrio this is ACTUAL mexican food unlike the other channels with thier rice looking like a crime if ur looking for ACTUAL mexican recipies plz stick to this channel

  2. Oh my gosh your girls are really cute to watch you know,they make me melt. I love seeing them getting involved in the cooking,that's brilliant. They breakfasts were so varied too,with so much fruit,wow!! I loved this so much would love to see it again… Also when your hubby was making the chiqalias ( think I've spelt it wrong) either way I kept repeating it after him,so I think I've got it! Can I just say you & your hubby as so cute together you can totally see that in the video loved it xx

  3. Love this!! We aren’t big on breakfast, usually it’s just grab and go. But I do like making breakfast for lunch or dinner. Avocado toast sounds good!! My daughter eats almost anything, but my son will not eat scrambled eggs without having tortillas 😂 I enjoyed seeing your family in the kitchen with you!!

  4. Great video!! I love seeing your whole family helping in the kitchen! I am learning some new techniques and recipes and remembering and practicing some of my basic Spanish! 👏👍🎉💝

  5. That's exactly like my home strawberries, grapes, and blueberries always goes 1st. At least we know fruit/money will never go to waste. I love seeing other families teaching their children to cook. I think it's so important and great bonding time with our children. Awesome video luv. 😃

  6. Your daughters are so cute. I love seeing them helping in the kitchen and your hubby too! Where did you learn to put honey on your cottage cheese? I liked all of the breakfasts but I want to learn more about the last one. Looked interesting. TFS!

  7. Great video! I love the cottage cheese and fruit idea. I’m always trying to find news ideas for my picky eater toddlers. I also never thought of storing the grapes off the vine. Love it. Thanks!

  8. Hi Crystal. It is so fab when hubbys cook isn't it, your hubby's attention to detail when he was dishing up reminds me of mine. I have never seen frozen french toast here. Would love to try. Love maple syrup. Naavah loves moana and her and Caleb say I don't like it, I love it too lol. Lovely seeing your daughter cooking the eggs. The salsa you made looks delicious. Estrella at the end was so cute xx

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