Organic Cooking

What is an organic?

Organic is sold as better option for you, the environment and ultimately the world. When asking an infomred source what the difference between organic and …

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  1. Organic farmers sent a $160,000 cash bribe to the IARC through a USRTK lawyer to get them to make the low cancer risk statement about glyphosate. It was the cornerstone of all these shyster lawyer Roundup lawsuits but now that Congress has cut off its $2mill annual finding to the IARC they are in deep doodoo. Citations:

  2. What is not tested, ever, for safety?? Organic, heirloom, hybrid and new truck farm breeds. They go straight to store shelves with zero testing and YOU are the guinea pig. Look at what has happened because of this fact that never happened with GMO foods: "A year ago[2003] in New Zealand, there was an outbreak of food poisoning from a "killer zucchini" that hospitalized a number of people. Environmentalists jumped all over the story until it was determined that the culprit was "organic" zucchini. Plants are chemical factories that produce a multitude of toxins that protect them. An outbreak of aphid infestation had minimal impact on conventionally grown zucchini. The more vulnerable "organic" zucchini was genetically inferior because of inbreeding. They expressed dangerously high levels of the toxin curcubitan. Had this been a transgenic plant, we would be hearing about it ad nauseam, but being that it was "organic," it was quickly consigned to an Orwellian memory hole."

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