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What I eat to get FLAT BELLY & ABS | Healthy Yummy Recipes????

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  1. So many ASMR moments when your chewing the jellies. Lol I’m not into ASMR but the sound effects were so distinct and ASMR-ie? However you’d say that. 😂 What kind of gelatin did you buy/use for the jellies?.. if it tastes like anything like boba I NEED to try. 🙂

  2. I am JUST starting your 14 day shred plan right at this moment! Needing to get into shape since I had a little baby a few months ago! Excited then going to move into the 35 day plan after and see if I can get some great results ! Question about the gummies? What is your cut off for consumption for one day?

  3. i did the nachos and it was amazing !!😍 i’ve juste replace beef by vegetarian ground and it tasted so good thank u for the recipe !! also love your workouts i see results im so proud thanks chloe keep going💗

  4. More cooking videos plz these look delicious honestly when I think healthy all I think of is breakfast avocado with egg on toast , broccoli and salmon And for dinner a snack I need all the help I can get.

  5. Thank you so much for everything you do in terms of the workout videos/challenges. I just completed day 2 of your ab blast challenge. It is truly life changing.

  6. I like that your videos are short and sweet but if you show us how to do a recipe, can you go more in depth? Or at least write the recipes in the descriptions section please. It would be more helpful. Love you videos btw.

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