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WHAT I EAT PRE/POST WORKOUT MEALS (high protein & vegan)

High Protein Pre & Post Workout meals! What I ate + my workout routine! For the full workout routine follow @madfit.ig on instagram ⭐️SHOP ➤ MY …

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  1. Hellooooo beautiful people!! I hope you all are well! Who says you cant get protein as a vegan? Hope you guys enjoyed this one. And if you want the full workout details then check out my fitness instagram @madfit.ig

  2. Hey love
    I just want you to post more about your diet.
    I’m gonna start changing my diet cause I’m starting the reaccotane treatment and stop proteins and dairy products.
    And I’m working out with you too
    Can you post more about your diet please or refer to an old video or something?
    Helpp pleaaasee
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Круто!Кто из России лайк!)))

    У нас на канале мы пилим тоже про еду,но попроще по русски)))
    Канал называется : FABULOUS SPORT FOOD

  4. Love you sweety,, i m vegetarian and cannot afford protein can i drink milk after workout to hv my protein
    How much protein in one 20ogm serving bowl of cooked lentils? Plz tell

  5. Hi everyone! I'm starting my fitness journey and wanted to ask if anyone has ever felt light-headed or sick after drinking a protein shake? I've been going to the gym 5 days a week for a month now but I felt my diet was missing a little help on the protein side, being vegetarian I tried Sunwarrior but for some reason I'm fine before I drink it, but after I feel sick. I stopped now of course, but I wanted to know if anyone had experienced something similar or if my body needs to get used to it.


  6. Just to let u know. I hope you feed your cat a strict carnivore diet. All politics and beliefs, aside cats are clearly carnivores. And if u care about health as much as you do, you should with your cat. Pllzzzz ffs

  7. I usually train fasted–a little decaf coffee is the best for me! But oatmeal, fruit, even a sweet potato does the trick for a great workout! <3 Post-workout is when I load up with water, complex carbs, and heaps of protein. I also have been adoring lentils with brown rice and veggies as a meal–eggplant, tofu, Brussels sprouts, and spinach are the best combination!

  8. Maddie <3 If I'm on a diet at the moment for losing weight, do you recomend to eat the same things as you? I would change something? I realize that just starting being vegan I already lost weight… But I want to be lean! And I know that will take a time.

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