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what i eat in a day vegan | easy vegan recipes + food shopping + gym

Easy vegan recipes, what I eat in a day vlog style! Daily life of a vegan, come training with me, food shopping and food making with a bit of puppy love too.

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  1. Seasoning, spices, and sauces to add to the food. I love your video however your accent sometimes makes it hard to under the names of seasoning spices and sauces. Also im in america and im trying to figures out if america even offers the seasoning you use and if i might need to order them. Thank keep doing what you are doing im considering becoming vegan. I just dont know where to start or cook vegan food and i dont want to eat out every night. Anyway thanks for the time you share.

  2. Rachel, your recipes are absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to buy the book. I’m restarting my plant based lifestyle.. fell off some after stressful life changing events, but I can’t wait to try all of these combinations. When I was vegan before.. my body loved it.. thank you again for your solid influence and the recipes!! Can’t wait until my skin looks as beautiful as yours again 🙂

  3. Out of all the vegan people I’ve seen girl your food looks absolutely delicious, I believe it’s because the way you prepare your food. Don’t get me wrong I love vegetables but your food look like food people fix that is non vegan.

  4. Nah I can’t do personal trainers they are so annoying especially when you need to stop and breath like don’t talk to me man lol I can do a work out on my own just fine but a mean nutritionist is a much better deal for me like slap that deep fried food out of my hand hunti but heck no don’t say nothing to me while I’m working out unless you want to be cussed out

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