Vegan Recipes

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) ‣‣ Easy 10-minute Recipes

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  1. You are absolutely fabulous. How often do you do your grocery shopping? What stores do you usually shop at? I think it would be awesome if you could do some in store grocery shopping videos and show how you shop

  2. Almonds are not very enviroment friendly. 😟 Almond milk: quite good for you – very bad for the planet

    Sales of the non-dairy milk alternative are on the rise. But the super-healthy nuts – mostly grown in drought-hit California – need millions of litres of water to be produced. Think twice before you pour it on your cereal. (same with avocados)
    It is time to not only think vegan friendly and What is healthy for us. It is time to think about The enviroment and The planet! 😋 💓

  3. The last meal is known as tostadas in Mexico and you can add a lot of toppings like mushrooms, nopales, tomato, and even carrot sliced cooked with some oregano and tomato and extra salsa, and it's super delicious.

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