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  1. Okay, I'll share my odd experience with the oat/coconut halfnhalf. I like it in iced coffee just fine, like you said. The first time I used it in the milk frother, it worked awesomely! It was so thick and foamy and I loved it. I used up the whole package. But, when I bought a new package, the new one didn't froth very well at all. I don't know why. I still used it in iced coffee, but it seems like sometimes you might get a batch that isn't as good for frothing, I guess? I'm still grateful it exists and it's great for using in some desserts and stuff that call for cream. It also works nicely for soups and things like that because it isn't sweetened.

    The vegan creamer I've found that froths the best is the almond milk vanilla one in the brown bottle ( I think it's also Silk?). The only bitch about that is that it's already sweetened, and I don't really like sugar in my coffee. O well, such is life.

  2. You want a bigger butt? Have some of mine! Seriously though, I think your butt is plenty big ( in a good way). Your body looks like comic strip heroines with the tiny waist and big old powerful lower body! At 51 I have given up hope of ever having a great body. I guess that just wasn't my destiny!

  3. Breakfast stirfry is def going into my rotation once I can get super fresh veggies from work (I work on a veggie farm 🌱) 😍😍😍

  4. Excellent video and keep safe and well from the Coronavirus especially since Eric has heart problems because it is people with heart disease, diabetes and lung diseases and other illnesses that weaken the immune system that are the most effected and have the most death rates.

  5. Full disclosure: the chickpea tikka masala that was part of Green Chef’s “Plant Powered” menu a couple of weeks ago was NOT one of their vegan choices. Could easily be made vegan with a few omissions/substitutions as Sarah did here. But anyone interested in the service needs to be careful to select only the meals specifically marked “vegan”, as vegan and vegetarian options are lumped together. This didn’t always used to be the case; it’s one of the not so great changes since GC got bought out by Hello Fresh.

  6. Everything looked delicious. I would like to place an order for the "snickers" bars. Those looked amazing……ok fine…I will wait for the refined recipe and attempt them myself 😉 I may try them with walnuts or almonds instead though.

  7. Do you prefer those bouillon cubes over the better than bouillon? Also as a fellow person who watches the BA test kitchen, I love the vegan gourmet makes vibes haha

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