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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY? | Healthy Indian Cooking with Minimal Ingredients | SIMPLE & EASY MEAL IDEAS

Hey All, This week was difficult in terms of getting groceries and food items considering the current state of the world wide crises we all are facing and we had …

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  1. Hi..i'm New follower of its. D really loving ur videos..ur house is so so cute nd ur daughter a cutie pie😊 really wish to see ur home tour nd most important I really loved the way u gave the smile while having coffee..sweet..loving u😍🤗hope u will reply..

  2. Plz let us know about the curd maker elaborately in one of ur videos…lots of love and the video ws awesome as always..rewatching it now may be for the 5th or 6th time🥰

  3. Hi Diya !! I tried ur recipe today it was good everyone liked it , also m shifting to new house soon can u suggest me from where shud I buy bed n other furniture also some tips for kids room . Waiting for ur reply

  4. Ur videos r really calm, simple n soothing😇 i cnt stop watching onw after one.. i wanted to ask why u use that lovely blue hand printed bowl as waste bin?? 🤔

  5. Hello Diya Ji.. Your videos are great.. Your videos motivates me to stay organised as well as to eat healthy.. I always wonder how do you manage all your crockery sets.. They are always different whenever I watch the videos.. Please do reply my curiousness..!! 💖💖

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