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the cherry bakewell one better not be limited edition…. OPEN FOR RECIPES: Vivolife Protein link & discount code (the one I use) Link: Use: …

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  1. Love your videos. I could so handle you making me food.. I love all of what you make besides I am not a real big sweet potato eater.. and I am a big woman.

  2. Hi Miles, loving your videos! You have mentioned in previous videos that you suffer from anxiety. I suffer from terrible anxiety and panic attacks and wondered if you could suggest a food plan to help? I am loving the liquorice tea you suggested.

  3. Hi Healthy Crazy Cool! I really love your channel! I used as to be vegan for a year but I had to quit because I began to feel really awful after any legumes (stomachache, bloating, gases, feeling kinda “full in my mouth” but my stomach ached the same as it aches when you’re very hungry etc.) and so I replaced them with nuts (with which I didn’t have a problem, but in order to replace all the protein I needed for the day with them I increased the amount I ate of them and I again experienced the same things. I started eating fish and all those symptoms were gone, but I would like to come back to veganism. Do you think I can? What should I eat for protein, iron and other minerals and vitamins?
    PS. I have tried literally everything to make legumes more digestible, soaking (even for a loooong time), longer boiling, taking out the foam while it’s cooking etc. and nothing worked…Oh and I also eat probiotic food for my microbiome such as fermented veggies, kombucha, yoghurt

  4. Miles, let me just tell you that you are probably the only TRUE original Vegan Youtube channels that has stayed true man! I am so SICK of people i was long time subscribed to (over 2 years?) that (now) just SLAG other people and ex vegans off! I am all about LOVE and whatever people want to eat, let them eat. Let people make their own decisions because in the end plants will always win, without the slagging! THANK YOU my friend. Much love and crazy big thanks to a crazy cool man x

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