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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY #6 (Gluten free recipes, Low FODMAP, Lactose Free)

Here’s another video full of IBS friendly, low FODMAP, lactose free, gluten free recipes… What I Eat In A Day #6! FULL RECIPES Peanut Butter & Berries on …

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  1. Hi thank you for making these vids you are helping me out so much i suffer with really bad ibs d. And im trying to cut out as much dairy as poss and iv cut out gluten too so thank u can't wait to see more x

  2. Two bananas at once are not low fodmap according to Monash…Is it your own tolerance because i know most ibs ppl cannot handle even one entire banana. The recipes are inspiring, i am happy i came accross it!

  3. Hi Becky. 
    I'm so happy I found you. 
    I'm new to the low-fodmap way of eating and I have a hard time adapting to it but you made it a little bit easier for me. Thank you!
    Since I live in South-Korea it's very very difficult to find some ingredients. 

    I wanted to make this curry and went shopping but all I found was:
    Tumeric powder
    Ground cayenne pepper
    Cumin powder
    Mustard powder
    Ginger powder
    Cinnamon powder

    I bought all of those because I was sure I could work with it.. but now I'm not so sure.
    Do you have any suggestions how I can make this curry powder work without those missing ingredients. 
    I guess I could find some of the missing powders online but they are quite expensive to get online here.

    Hope you can help me out so I didn't buy all these ingredients for nothing. 

    And maybe it would be cool if you could make some low fodmap korean recipes in the future? I would love that! 
    Thank you^^

  4. they told me on the low fodmap diet that almond milk was a no-no , they told my friend as well, so I was surprised to see you use it, but still great recipes, I could just sub with lactose free milk I guess! SOO GREATFULL for your vids

  5. Hi Becky,

    Are you still taking symprove? Is it something you need to keep taking after the 12 weeks? I'm thinking about investing in some but obviously it's quite expensive. I'm pretty desperate to try something at the moment. I'm even thinking about the faecal microbiota transplant route.



  6. hi backy I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but ever since I've been having herbal and fruit teas regarding my IBS I don't get bloated anymore, can't wait for your next video.

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