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  1. Hey my friends!! My new guide is launching next Thursday on my website so get ready for the next video where I’ll show you everything you need to know, a sample workout, FAQs, where to buy as well as discounts for those who have already bought Move. and lots of giveaways!! Love ya!! Xxxx

  2. Hi! I have been watching all your videos today and stumbled across this one that I haven’t seen yet. This is so random and irrelevant and you probably won’t read this and if you do you’re just going to find me and this so weird but oh well. I live in Sweden and My absolute favourite thing in this world is Aromat. I have it on everything and during my childhood I would take a spoon and eat it raw. Once I had nine fishes and at the time I named them I was seven years old. Seven of them were called Chicken Nugget (naturally because of my love for chicken nuggets) and one was called Fredrik (normal Swedish name, idk why) and the last one was named Aromat. Sadly, all of them died because I refused to feed them anything else than Aromat. I have no idea why the fuck I am telling you this I just got so excited that someone in this world, especially someone outside Sweden, likes this spice as much as I or at least close to my love. Have a lovely day, you rock

  3. I've always looked at graze snack in the shops but have cheaked the sugar content on a couple and there over 12g! Are they good for you? Whole foods? Would love to buy them if they are better for me then I think 🙂

  4. Brilliant online video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to detect this sort of contents. We make Travel & Food video too, around the world, and we are constantly hoping to find inspirations and vision. Thank You.

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