Vegan Recipes

WHAT I ATE TODAY with Simple Vegan Recipes ????????????????????

Tasty vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes with an easy snack idea that’s perfect for busy days! Hope you enjoy seeing what a day of vegan eats looks like …

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  1. Great video????❤ I have a question: do you think it's a problem when I eat every evening a whole cabagge or a hole fennel? And do you think it's possible to eat to much veggies? I eat aroind 1200kcal per day but ca. 600-700 are from veggies (tomato, cucumber, zucchini, brokkoli,fennel, …..) so I eat such a big amount of vegetables every day????????‍♀️❤

  2. I love your videos! These might be strange compliments but you have really lovely hands and your voice is soothing but not boring so I feel relaxed while watching. I like that you don't really do background music so it's simple and easy to follow what's going on.

  3. SO excited I found your channel! I was losing hope in the vegan youtube community but you and your friends really changed things for me big time. AND you like Gilmore Girls my favorite show so now I'm hooked.

  4. NIKKI what do you think about the keto diet? I am vegan but I wanna lose more weight. They say i have to eat lots of fat, but I don't know how much or for how long

  5. Ooh these look delicious as well as nutritious! I am vegetarian and I am working on going vegan but this really changes the idea that eating vegan or even healthy has to be long and drawn out and difficult so thanks for the different perspective as well as yummy ideas!

  6. I learned (the hard way) to not watch your videos unprepared a.k.a. hungry, but dang, I still crave everything you show right now (minus the broccoli…). Like hardcore drooling… with every video. How rude!

  7. This gave me some great new ideas, thanks Nikki! I’ll be making the baked fruit and falafel this week. Also – you’re so close to 100k subs, awesome!

  8. Yum!! Your what I eat videos are my favorite! Always look so delicious and so inspiring! ???? I’m sure you’ve mentioned before, but what tahini brand do you use? I’m having trouble finding one that doesn’t taste like a chalky paste ???? Thanks so much!

  9. Omg!!! the exact falafel mix is in the oven as I'm watching this which is crazy because it's my first time trying it, i never buy mixes but this college girl needed something quick, and when i realized i needed to wait for them to bake I thought to myself "hmm I wonder if Nikki has uploaded"

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