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What I Ate + Did This Weekend 🌱 Vegan Recipes, Decorating, and Organzing β˜€οΈπŸ¦

Hey guys! This video is a peek at a weekend in my life! I’m showing you What I Ate this Weekend and some home decor, organizing + trying new dairy-free …

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  1. look, face masks are so NOT important. they are extra help, but they are really not needed in the end. the body and face works wonders on its own, especially if you take care of yourself through healthy food and exercise. sometimes skin care products can even destroy the body's own natural functions to keep skin clear and vibrant. all those chemicals and ''non-toxic'' stuff is not really what the skin wants.

  2. Okay you’re one of my favourite youtubers.❀️ your vlogs are so soothing and really help me relax. I love the way you approach life and your outlook and ugh can I just come and live with you and learn how to cook those delicious meals and that it’s okay to have these delicious cruelty free meals?πŸ’”

  3. Love how creative you are with fridge and freezer leftovers! What are your current YouTube favorites to watch, or perhaps some Netflix or book recommendations? I would be interested also to hear how you are doing considering food and exercise, perhaps an update now you have been recovered for quite some time from an eating disorder. Not sure if you would like to share this, but I am curious if you feel more stable or that you sometimes still have some difficult moments and what helps you to not relapse. Thank you for all your work, you are such a sweet person!

  4. Thank you, Nikki. I really appreciate the information. I really enjoy your videos and I like The Vegan View too. If you don’t have the support of family on a vegan journey, these videos help you feel connected to other like-minded animal lovers. My daughter that wants to buy me the yoga mat just turned plant-based! This is best gift I could ever receive.

  5. I watch your videos for coziness while I'm cooking or doing chores. I can so relate to the shelf episode and loved how you gave yourself permission to stop once you'd hit the wall. A good reminder! Thanks for another great video.

  6. Please tell me where you bought your yoga mat. That color and design makes me so happy! My daughter wants to buy it
    for me for my 60th birthday and because I’ve been vegan for 3 years! Thank you Nikki

  7. Great vlog Nikki!!!!!!! I hope you keep doing them, they feel so intimate, like we're just buds hanging out doing life together, awesome feels!!!!! Thank you for your ideas and your cleaning out the fridge and freezer recipes and inspo!!!! I love the idea about changing out your big mason jars with new and old!!!! I'm so sorry that the darn shelf fell down and broke a couple of your bowls and jars and got so much glass all over, be careful of your feet, right? You took it well without pushing your frustration down and made the best of it, great job guuurl!!!!! Way to be an amazing example!!!!!! I'm glad your staying safe and wearing a mask…..jeeeez it feels like with Trump not wearing them and all that BS, some people have lost their flippin minds, I'm going to stop there before I make the loving positive comment about you and your awesome channel turn negative. Thanks again Nikki these vlogs that your making are such a moment of positivity and a breath of fresh airπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜. ❀️Kathy

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