What Dessert Looks Like In 33 Countries Around the World

Desserts have been repurposed and have evolved in many parts of the world. What started as a small, in-between course to cleanse palates eventually became …

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  1. Please, exclude România from the list. Our dessert is another one, do not confuse two countries just because they are close. 🙂

  2. You have mentioned Puerto Rico tembleque and Mexico tres leches, but you don’t mention the original country that gave those recipes to them, Spain: churros, flan, arroz con leche, horchata…..They just took them and twisted the recipes a bit

  3. the funniest thing about being from an Immigrant family is that when I saw the tiramisú I was like: THERE, THAT'S MINE.
    it's not. but also yes.

  4. kudos to your pronunciation. i only know two languages but you're trying so hard and you said so many different words, you deserve it!

  5. I’m disappointed that turkey chose baklava and not kunefe with maras dondurma or tulumba tatlisi. Man I’m so sick of baklava and Turkish delight. They are so over rated. Smh

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