Vegan Recipes

WEEKEND MEALS Healthy Vegan Recipes for Family Parties and Sharing

WHAT I EAT WEEKEND MEALS. Healthy vegan meal ideas for family, parties, and sharing! Includes what I ate Saturday and Sunday vegan breakfast, vegan …

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  1. Hi I absolutely loved this video i was just browsing youtube for ways to stretch and warmup before running and your video popped up and im glad i clicked thats how i found this awesome video my chanel is toniaalwaysnforever no spaces in case you want to respond god bless you

  2. Hey Jacylyn I totaaaally love your videos, a lot of my friends follow your channel religiously and asked me to check you out for something I am currently working on, look out for an email from "dele from prepfit" keep killing it.

  3. All your recipes are so simple and easy looking. I love that there is no pretense. There is no cooking show(manship). These recipes seem easily attain able. Thanks for sharing!

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