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vegan pad thai (better than take-out!) | hot for food

this vegan pad thai is super delish and WAY better than takeout! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Wednesday! GET MORE …

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  1. Vegan is very healthy and happy. I have been vegan for 50 years. I have not seen a doctor at all. I hope that foreign friends will come to Taiwan to eat vegan. I wish you vegan health and happiness. Any wish and good wish can be achieved.

  2. I'm making a dietary change for the better so I wanted to find spicy food to make me happy. I found this and decided to copy and add it to my growing list of recipes.

  3. You guys never use or explain actual measurements. You miss the most important parts. Also, a lot of people don’t know how to cook tofu because tofu is easier to cook in a non stick biodegradable human safe pan.

  4. I first left a comment about the dangers of saturated fat. (Coconut oil) But, after reviewing it I decided that this dish looks too damn good and healthy to scare anyone away from it. I'm making it tonight for the family! (Just with no Coconut oil and VERY little if any oil of any kind) Can't wait for dinner!!

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