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Vegan Okonomiyaki (Dairy/Gluten/Egg Free Recipe) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)

Okonomiyaki is Japanese savory pancake. Perfect vegan recipe idea for those who are on dairy/gluten/egg free diet 🙂 Of course very filling idea for those who …

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  1. I cannot seem to make my potato all gooy like yours!! I shred it finely but still it just looks like fine shredding. Not gooy
    I would love some help >_<

  2. Im a vegetarian and I absolutely love this vegetable pancake! There are not many options for me to eat in asian restaurants but this is a fave! Thank you so much for this recipe so now I can make it at home 🥘

  3. I've just gotten home from a long visit to Japan and am desperately craving okonomiyaki and was worried I'd never be able to recreate a vegan version at home!! I cannot wait to try this recipe!! The fact that there's vegan kewpie mayo is maybe my favourite part, I'm going to put that on EVERYTHING if I can find it!!

  4. I haven't had okonomiyaki since I went vegan this spring. I'll be trying your recipe soon! ビーガンお好み焼きのレシピをどうもありがとうございました!

  5. hello. the music for this video was very catchy. I was just listening to your instructions while I was reading something else on-line and most of the time I just heard the music 🙂

  6. would daikon be a great substitute for the yam?
    because my country Canada doesn't sell yamato yam and if i use chinese yam or potato i can't be eating anything with flour

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