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VEGAN KIMCHI RECIPE • Easy & Ready In 2 Days

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  1. I've never had kimchi before, any kind, anywhere. I kept waiting for someone to comment about the heat level. If made to this recipe, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hottest, how spicy is this ???

  2. I want make the vegan version because the regular version has fish sauce and omg every time I open the fridge
    I’ve bought vegan kimchi before and I think it tastes better

  3. Hey guys i wanted to ask something actually i went to our local asian store and they didn’t had the korean chili powder instead of that i bought korean red pepper paste (gochujang) is there any way i can make kimchi with the paste or any alternative to the pepper powder

  4. I gotta day this is the best authentic healthy vegan Kimchi ever as a korean! I don’t use sugar when I make kimchi, instead I use apple or pear (Asian pear preferably but I had a good result with western pear) or both. Using cooked rice instead of using glutinous rice flour is one of tricks Koreans use:) as well as the seaweed! We use different seaweed called Chung-gak but Wakams is a good idea! I’ve seen people use miso these day for umami taste to replace fish sauce. I like to use veggie broth to make paste as well as soy sauce ( preferably Joseon soy sauce; Traditional Korean soy sauce for soups due to its saltier and more clear colour, often used in Temple style kimchi which is completely Vegan). Hats off to your awesome work ! 🙏😍

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