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  1. Thanks so much for this video Gaz! I've tried a lot of your recipes and they are always packed full of flavour, creative and such a pleasure to eat! Love the aesthetic of your videos, wishing you all the best for your restaurant, can't wait to go when you open! 😀

  2. You’re recipes look absolutely delicious! Would be awesome if you could tell us how much of each ingredient you’re using as you’re putting it into the dish, so can follow along with video! Would also be neat if you could explain at the start that you need to precook rice, quinoa and potatoes. I have to get into kitchen and start cooking, thank you!!!

  3. Just subbed, im not vegan yet but with this channel i may convert over. I wasnt sure where I was to get protein from but now i know

  4. Dude I'm totally honest here; both your recipes and videos are amazing enough on their own, no need to remind your viewers a billion times to subscribe. I'm new to your channel and I wanted to sub as soon as I saw the quality of your vids but you reminding just seems a little desperate at times. Keep up your way!

  5. I would love to sub chicken with beans sometimes, but I feel very bloated when I eat beans (same with chicken, and even tofu… but not as bad)
    To non-meat eaters: what do you do about this? 🙁

  6. Damn! This is some actual cooking! This requires technique, and isn’t like most other videos that simply tell you to chuck whatever veggies with whatever carb in a pan, and add some salt. I was skeptical of the recipes at first as I don’t like tofu scramble and plantain, but this is super exciting! Thank you so much for sharing recipes to real food.

  7. i love to watch you just really living every little step it tooks to finish the meal, it is so motivating to listen to you and see you cooking, keep going! wish you the best for your plans to open a restaurant!

  8. I made your chili with sweet potatoes on Sunday for my next 4 lunches at work. Delicious! Thanks for the meal ideas man. I'm currently new to vegan and slowly transitioning from vegetarian, dairy has almost been completely cut

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