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Vegan Friendly – Cooking Without Oil – Dr Mona Vand (2019)

Learn 3 ways to cook food without ANY oil, but not losing taste 🙂 Link to free video on *HOW TO FIGHT CRAVINGS* DISCLAIMER: …

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  1. I just use water for cooking on the stove, church the food up with spices, and it works fine for a lot of foods. One of the biggest problems with oil is people buy some gigantic containers of it (because it's considered a staple) so the thing lasts for months and months and will go bad. Keeping and using that outdated oil for so long is even more unhealthy than the oil itself.

  2. Been binge watching your videos since 3 days! You have such a calming voice and aura. Your content is so unique . Can learn so much from your channel ????

  3. You don’t have to peel beets with a knipe like that. You can use your hands, hold a beet and press, the peel will loosen and you can peel it. Or you can use a small knife and using the knife’s edge, scrape the peel off. Very easy and you don’t waste any beet! ????????

  4. Out of all the things I learned in 2018, water sauté is probably my favorite! so helpful, tastes better, and makes me feel so much better after eating. Plus, for a gal on a budget, it saves me a ton of money. oil is expensive!!

  5. I've watched her last three videos and she eats like she has an eating disorder (no salt, no gluten, mainly veggies and salads, absolutely no amount of carbs, only uses coconut oil and no other kinds of oils which isn't good, uses no dressing and said she uses LEMON as dressing for her salad lol, she has unhealthy ideas for dessert cravings). God damn woman, if you want a dessert just have a damn dessert! Limiting your body of its nutrients and cravings will not help it. Eat EVERYTHING within reason and be aware of your portions instead of making weird, unrequired rules for yourself like she does. Eating 2 cubes of dark chocolate, my ass. It might be working for her to stay skinny but she definitely isn't healthy or fit. The video should be called how to stimulate eating disorder in young women while making them feel they don't eat good enough to stay skinny enough. psh

  6. In your food combining video you say that vegtables can go with everything, but is this still okay if youre eating a starchy vegtable like peas with proteins?? If not what vegtables go with prtoeins??

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