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Vegan Fish & Chips (Banana Blossom Fish) // Recipe Test

In this Video ✹ I try out banana blossom vegan fish in beer battered fish and chips. I also make homemade vegan tartar sauce. Get the recipe …

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  1. To get the fish flavour I use a 15% brine solution with 2 sheets of nori and 1 sheet of kombu (properly broken up) then 'brined' for 24 hour in the fridge. You then get the taste, though agreed not the texture — which isn't a problem for me because I never liked fish when I was a kid… and love this. I add 1/4 cup of shitake powder to the flour rather than use it in the brine. You get the unami without the mushroom taste.

  2. I laughed so hard I cried when you said “look there’s a hair, a cat hair”,,,, he said “that’s funny because we don’t own a cat”, 🤣🤣

  3. When I use jackfruit or banana blossom and want it to have the flavor i am putting in it. I squeeze the jackfruit/blossom in a cheese cloth so when I put it in the broth I make it will suck it up!

  4. I stumbled on your video. Your dish has a great appearance and I was hoping you achieved the flavor you wanted. Next time try grounding up sea weed adding it and old bay to your mixture. Also, put a little fresh lemon juice on the blossoms before dredging them.

  5. You're doing it wrong, this is a british recipe thats been around for eons maybe the 80s with banana blossom fish, and you got it completely wrong. you have to dehdyrate the banana blossom first and then soak it for at least 48 hours in a fish tasting brine which has a bunch of very specific ingredients in, if you skip that step you just get a slimy not very tasty difficult to cut up mass covered in batter. You have to dehydrate it to get it fork tender and flakey. If you ever have this in the UK you will see what I mean. also no offence and don't take this personally but you and the man have terrible skin, you shouldn't be eating fried food and oils at all, check out the Clear Skin Diet book which is vegan and talks about this phenomenon amongst vegans who once they give up animal foods up the fats particularly bad fats and heated oils and then wind up with shitty skin.

  6. Can comfirm oyster mushroom calamari is amazing. I roughly blitz dried seaweed and put it in my batter and hit it with lemon when comes out

  7. iyk, and when vegans choose to reduce suffering of other humans on the planet? It's so fake morality. Developed countries constantly take advantage from slave work involving rest of the world.

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