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Vegan Double Chocolate Muffins Recipe • I'm Back! :)

FULL RECIPE for Vegan Double Chocolate Muffin: ⇨MY COOKBOOK: …

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  1. I love these muffins! Tried this recipe for several times already. Thanks a lot ❤
    Recently I didn't have any plant milk and somehow came to adding warm espresso instead. The consistency was weird and looked like pudding? or custard BUT I baked it anyways and it turned delicious. You know that vegan muffins usually have this sticky and chewing consistency which is fine actually, but this weird espresso muffins I made taste like nonvegan ones!! I'm not sure why WARM espresso works that good and maybe cold one works as well, no idea. Yet I guess it's a cool option for those without plant milk like meself 🤡

  2. Hello!!! Where can one find vegan white sugar? Is that generally an online purchase? (New vegan here! 🙋🏻‍♀️) Google seems to just mention organic raw sugar or beet sugar as vegan options?

  3. Ok, just popped these babies in the oven.. it's scary how I had enough for two 6-count muffin pans. And I bought the instant espresso powder.. I'm sure it'll be the "secret" touch as you said. The aroma is amazing already.. 🙂

  4. Hello! I like muffins!) Thanks for your recipe. I just subscribed to you) I have also a cooking channel. Let's support each other! you are welcome to my channel ) Stay connected!

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