Vegan Recipes

Vegan Dinners I made this Week!

Hey check out Squarespace: I filmed my dinners for 7 days! Here they are! There’s a sweet potato veggie stew in this …

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  1. Ich habe eben deinen Channel entdeckt und war total begeistert, als ich die deutschen Produkte gesehen habe. Ich bin hier teilweise total unsicher, welche veganen Lebensmittel oder Alternativen lecker sind – manche schmecken einfach seltsam 😅

  2. В чем смысл смешивать все в тарелке, а потом переливать в сотейник? Когда половина остается на стенках, я чувствую дискомфорт😂

  3. Have you ever tried white miso paste (Shiro Miso)?
    I'm kind of obsessed with it…so good with avocado on toast!
    And do you know the "Veganes Streichfett" (Naturli)?
    So delicious!👍

  4. Love those recipes. Could you please do a video on how to prevent food waste in a single household? I sometimes find hard to use products (vegan cream, dips,…) on time if I am only cooking for my self ? Any tips are appreciated ☺️

  5. I really like your channel and I have one of my own I would really like if you were to check it out and let me know where you think I could improve and do better

  6. I absolutely love these videos Jess! I'm a student paediatric nurse (also veggie) and have loved your videos for lunch inspiration on shifts since I found you! I start my final placement tomorrow, now helping with the covid-19 outbreak instead of being supernumerary, and these lunches will definitely keep me going <3

  7. Hey Mina! I've been subscribed for a while, but this is the first time I'm commenting, because I just wanted to tell you how much I love your videos! Simply watching you cook is a calming experience in itself – and you introduced me to the almond coconut date butter from denns which is actually the most amazing spread in the world <3
    By the way, I'm from Germany as well, so I don't really know why I'm writing this in English, but oh well, I was just in the mood I guess 😀

  8. Es kommt immerhin am Ende, aber machst du gar keine Videos mehr ohne Werbung? Evtl kommt es mir nur so vor, aber ich meine die Werbung für die Seite ist in jedem Video.

  9. i think this is the first time i hear frank ocean on a food related channel. your channel made me and my best friend want to move to germany just for the variety and abundance of vegan food and restaurants, thank you for introducing them! hope you and your loved ones stay healthy! 🌻

  10. For the last recipe, you should have add the spices before the broth, and it would have been a looot more flavourfull ^^
    By the way, thanks for all these inspirations, love your content 🙂

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