Breakfast Ideas

Vegan Breakfast Ideas (that aren't oatmeal or smoothies)

Today we are making some fun, filling and tasty breakfasts! I feel like most of the time, vegan breakfast means a smoothie or oatmeal. So I wanted to show you …

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  1. And loved that the recipes all are 'soy free'!! The chick p scramble on avo toast sounds great!!
    Thanks for thinking outside the oatmel/smoothie box~
    sk in usa

  2. Hello Liv ! Thanks for your recipe . I made the chickpea scramble today and added some homemade tomato salsa and it was delicious !
    Lots of love Madeleine S.

  3. I love these! Though I’m pretty sure I’d just blend the zucchini so it blends better into the loaf. Looks great though! I’m super pumped to try the chickpea scramble!

  4. The chickpea recipe is DELICIOUS, it’s so awesome that all my family literally ate of my plate and left me confused 😂😂 definitely a huge recommendation

  5. Liv, you need to try a vegan brazilian recipe. In translation, it's like "little hidden" (escondidinho). You put a layer of mashed potatoes, a layer of filling (mushrooms, or vegetables), another layer of mashed potatoes and cheese on the top (vegan cheese). Put in the oven until the cheese is melted and enjoy the escondidinho!

  6. Thank you so much for making breakfast idea videos with the recipes. Don't get me wrong I love oatmeal and I love smoothies but my husband hates oatmeal and isn't satisfied with just a smoothie for breakfast and tried to keep him vegan is very hard but these ideas will help greatly thank you so much and would love to see more have a good day

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