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Veg Cookie Canapes | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art of Loving Food

Experimenting and trying something new always gets me excited, and when it comes to food I am usually up for it! Today, I’m making Veg Cookie Canapes using …

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  1. Loved it. Thanks for giving such great ideas. As I'm from Italy, I don't really know these dishes but I will surely try them. I got to know that you are a Bollywood star. So that's amazing. I thought stars couldn't cook but no. I was wrong. It's my bad. Thanks anyways. Love the recipes and will surely give them a try. By the way last time I tried the protein 🍔 it was absolutely healthy and tasty at the same time. So hats off to you. Thanks bye.

  2. Mam I really love your vedios&i really love you. you are my favourite.mam I practice your yoga daily .but the problem is I am very skinny.i am 5'6 but I want a figure like of your.i want to gain mussel weight.mam plz suggest which type of yoga do I need to do& how many minutes also tell what all food do I need to eat.p lz Mam I request you from the bottom of my heart.regard

  3. Biscuits are highly processed food
    And digestive biscuits r more dangerous
    No matter which brand u r using they are not at all healthy
    If you want to eat biscuits eat regular one. At least you know they are not healthy so u can stop in right time 😊

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