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LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN EASY VEGAN UDON LO MEIN NOODLES RECIPE! LAY HO MA!! Noodles are life isn’t it? This recipe is so delicious and easy to …

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  1. Been a subscriber for the last few months and now every time I strain my noodles over the sink and do the little "lift it up and bring it swiftly back down" move, I think of that signature shot form all of your videos!

  2. Hi Wil, thank you for your amazing recipes. You are a multi talented star and I love the simplicity of your food which is nourishing and full.of integrity. Can you post more recipes without onion and garlic please .Many thanks, Hansa

  3. I've made this outstanding, delicious dish twice. Both times with broccoli instead of asparagus. Other than that I followed the recipe to the letter, including your 'smokin' Chili Oil Thank you for the wonderful videos and recipes. Vegan Udon Noodles Lo Mein is a winner!

  4. Adding tofu puffs will be amazing too! Hope to see videos from you on 'what I eat in a day' and grocery haul. Collaborations with other Vegans will be interesting too, now there are so many good Vegan Canadian Youtubers around

  5. Is it just me or did you dedicate more screentime to your food reaction/comment than usual? If so, I think it's a nice change. Makes it more personal and you can better imagine what the food would taste like if you were to recreate this dish – with absolute confidence

  6. Looks yummy Will! Could one use soy curls instead of curd sticks? Can't wait to try this and by the way – yesterday I made your vegan egg & also the black garlic oil ahead of time as today I'll be making the Shoyu Bold Ramen from your amazing cookbook! <3

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