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Top 8 Simple & Healthy Snacks! ( sweet + salty ) ????

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  1. I do a banana one like that but I use pb instead of almond butter and cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips and I top it with either honey or chopped up medjool dates and that's a good mix too!

  2. This isn’t healthy really, but it’s HEAVENLY to drink. Here’s my recipe.w.

    Main Smoothie:
    2 cups of mixed frozen berries
    Whatever amount of liquid fits your taste buds, either a thick smoothie or thin(if you want a healthier drink maybe coconut water, or unsweetened flavored water)

    Whip Cream
    Blend up the smoothie items, and top it off with whip cream and caramel and there you have a berry made frappe 😀

  3. I highly recommend Hello Fresh!! Finding hearty, delicious meals as a vegetarian is really hard because it requires a lot of fresh produce, something that wasn't available to me in college. Hello Fresh not only brings everything you need, but their dishes – to this day – have been the tastiest thing I've ever had! If you have the money, I cannot urge you to buy from them enough.

  4. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    My non existent girlfriend:
    Me: *looks at this vid cause I need midnight snacks *
    Also me at 3 am: ayooo maaa where the truffle salt at

  5. I wish I could like most the stuff on this list but I have the palette of a dump-yard possum, so I just grin and bare it and eat my veggies. Great recipe suggestions though!!

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