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Top 5 Steak Dinners

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  1. I've been a vegetarian all my life and have never had streak before, this video has converted me cus all I want is steak now

  2. Steak is the best, especially rare. In fact, I like my steak so rare that I usually walk up to the cow and bite it. That's how a man eats

  3. You've clearly copied someone else's recipe for that steak sandwich like you copy an awful lot of everyone elses shit, your a channel with 13 million subscribers and you can't even come up with your own recipes you should be seriously embarrased about yourselves

  4. To all my 100% loyal friends/real family and etc……..)

    Btw I’m going back to class later
    (Ok so I deleted that part because the camera might have seen my screen and stuff) (and I know that doesn’t matter really but I have ocd lol)

    And the only thing I really have to work on now is

    1. Rack maintenance
    2. Game security (left hand on shoe, and right hand on table) (besides when using)

    That’s mostly it, I might find other things but I should be good for now.

  5. I like my ribeye barely cooked, only enough to where a good vet could put it back in the cow and save it's life. I'll eat raw before medium well or well done

  6. I hoovered the whole house on Thursday, I was fucking buzzing my tits off !!! I’m off for a steak dinner, much needed cos I haven’t had one for weeks might even treat my self to sticky toffee pudding 😋😋😋

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