These Light and Lovely Desserts are Both Elegant and Easy! | DIY Dessert Recipes by So Yummy

Healthy dessert recipes the easy way! Learn how to bake delicious cakes, treats, and desserts with ease from So Yummy’s recipes! These dessert recipes …

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  1. I've seen how to cook that's videos and to be honest it's not safe..
    But I thought it was honestly only me who watched her a long time ago then came back to her videos about so yummy and stuff.
    But I'm glad a good amount of people know.
    Please let everyone know what some of these aren't safe
    Someone's household could honestly set on fire.

  2. Dates full of almond butter dipped in chocolate is not light. Actually I don't think any of these seemed very light to be honest but I guess that's personal opinion.

  3. I love the Chanel I love the cakes or sweets you make it's sooooo nice I baked the same birthday cake hahaha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks so much for making this Chanel bye

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