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  1. I don't have any of the ingredients nor the skill to make stuff like this
    i have a big test today that i haven't studied for and i'm on a diet

    why am i watching this at 3 in the morning

  2. First, let's assuage the most serious concern – no, heating honey will not turn it toxic and kill you. Heating up raw honey will change the makeup of the honey, and potentially weaken or destroy enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc. But it will not give you a horrible disease or poison you.

    Have you ever heard of Google, smh.

  3. 0:18 that's not even a dade anymore! It defies the whole idea of a dade! Have you ever tasted one of those? They are the best thing ever to eat as a late night snack. The only thing you'll be tasting now is chocolate and peanutbutter.

  4. It's far away from "Healthy". It's made from a lot of sugar, cream and fat. you wouldn't say it healthy just because there are fruits as ingredient. You should consider calorie before you call something "healthy"

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