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#thenewhealthy Episode 7, Air-Fryer Onion Rings | Cooking Light

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  1. If your not vegan try this: instead of egg make a milk batter this is how(you don’t really need exact measurements) mix milk, flour, garlic powder, a tiny pinch of salt and any other season you think will be good. Mix until combined ( make sure it’s not to thick and definitely make sure it’s not thin, so medium thickness) if to thick add a little more milk and if to thin add more flour. This batter makes a more crunchy onion ring! Coat the onion ring in flour the milk batter and bread crumbs or panko ( I recommend Italian bread crumbs for more flavor) repeat until all onions are finished make sure there coated really good. Then freeze for about 30 minutes. This makes sure that your rings evenly cook and there’s less crumbs that fall of your beautiful rings. Cook in fryer or air fryer, and your done. Her recipe is great but as you can see there is a lot of empty spots that you see the onion!This recipe insures the best crunchiest rings without a lot of empty spots because of freezing and the milk flour! Please try this out!

  2. “3 to 4 hours later it’ll come back and get ya” 😂 I have a totally different air fryer however I’m gonna try this tonight. Btw should add some baking soda to the flour

  3. By far the most annoying Vid I've seen in a long time. Nothing wort than someone trying to act so cute when their NOT. And whats with the Carson Daly third person camera shot…. gzzzzz.

  4. You can do a vegan version of this by just (no egg) using flour, water and corn starch for base then dip them in bread crumbs. I use Italian bread crumbs. You don't need oil in an air fryer, kind of defeats the purpose. 15 minutes at 392 (high) and you're done.

  5. I like you guys! Very cute and interesting presentation. It's fresh and stands out among a field that is full of the not so interesting. Are you professionals? If not, you should be on Food Network.

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