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THE EASIEST WEEKNIGHT DINNERS // Under 20 Minute *delicious* Recipes

Sharing some of my favorite easy, fast, quick under 20 minute recipes for somewhat healthy weeknight meals/dinners for the family using ingredients you most …

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  1. I love you all so much! I was weirdly nervous to put out this video, since I'm just trying out some new content on my channel. I appreciate the love & support of me trying something new! 🙂
    ALSO! I ended up typing up printable PDF recipes for each of these! They are linked in the info box! 🙂

  2. I am so excited to try this taco recipe I have all the ingredients, surprisingly lol I was watching this at midnight and got hungry so now I’m making quesadilla. Haha please keep doing these short recipes I have a 7 month old and always feel like I never have time to try new recipes, because they take too long. I loved it!

  3. whoaaaa there – I tried that taco recipe after I saw it here + saw Leighanne recreate it, too… (sub turkey and just threw in whatever veggies I had)… OMGosh… so so so good! I can see why y'all love making it around your house. Oh mannn… I ended up texting 4 different people what I made and highly recommended it to them as well. So tasty! Thanks for the quick tip!

  4. Throw the corn tortillas on the stove or in a pan and they won’t break! Reason they’re breaking is cause they get cold and it’ll crumble since you didn’t give them a quick cook on the stove 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  5. Finally got around to the Sesame Tacos for tonight! Soooooo good! For anyone interested in the actual Hello Fresh recipe it is also very very good. We like pickled vegetables on tacos and we eat shredded cabbage regularly, so we were interested in the original recipe that inspired Jessica's. Thank you!

  6. Love all of yours and Tyler’s recent videos, you’re the one Youtube family I still enjoy watching (and I think it’s because you’re still real people ❤️) and Omgosh compelled to comment cause how wonderful is Gigi during the adult Mac and Cheese recipe in the background! Taking her phone calls, very important girl on the move! 😂 So adorable!

  7. Hello !! Just want to say for anyone else who has problems with the corn tortillas breaking… reason is because you are not heating them up correctly…. don’t heat them up in the microwave… get another pan and put it on the stove heat them up … that’s the best way … Mexican food expert right here

  8. Hon, I know this is something most people do not think of, but when you cook, can you Please turn all your handles around toward the back of the stove? With Gigi in the kitchen when you are cooking, she could grab a handle and tip the contents onto herself. I had a girlfriend, when she was a little girl, her mom cooked with handles facing out, she grabbed one on a pan which had boiling water in it, she got 3rd degree burns (actually burned down to the bone in some areas), and spent months in the hospital, to this day she is scarred. Don't want to scare you, but it is a good habit to get into, turning the handles back.
    I;m trying the tortillas and the chicken cheese dish…Looks amazing !…Thanks !

  9. Gigi walks in.
    Me behind the screen: Hiiiiiiiiii 😍😍
    This video is amazing all the recipes are easy and simple thank you Jessica

  10. So funny, almost every week (usually when I make a recipe that you and Tyler recommend) I casually mention your name to my boyfriend as if you were my friend, in real life of course. "Hey, Jessica said that we don't NEED spinach if we don't have it" hahah just thought that I should mention it. You really do feel like my friend, it's odd I know. Please do more of these! I'm just now getting into cooking, although I'm 26. Yikes.

  11. Jess a tip fir the corn tortillas, heat up a small amount of canola oil/or whatever you like to use fir frying….about a 1/2inch in pan, when its simmering place your shell in it and cook on each side for approximately 20 to 30 seconds…a little longer if you like, my hubby likes them cooked 45seconds, after place on a paper towel lined plate, ill lay like 3 on one piece of paper towel spread out, then put another paper towel on top, and do 3 more shells, then another paper towel…ETCETERA …till your done with the amount you want to cook…i them place a paper towel on top…it kinda soaks up the extra oil…this method is the only method I use for my soft Tacos, it heats the corn, they are pliable but less likely to fall apart so quickly, they might still split , especially if you over stuff them but hey grab a fork and eat the rest after your shelled taco is gone…you might have tried already but thought I would share…the corn tortilla just has a more robust flavor this way.

  12. OMG the grown up mac and cheese, looks soo good. My favourite part is when you put the chicken in the pan and your dog just pokes his head and then gig comes around the corner; everybody's hanging out near you, seeing what you are doing. 🙂

  13. THANK YOU for the printable PDF's! So handy to just print and go….and they are SO professional-looking…hmmmm- maybe a cookbook could be a new venture in the future? 🙂 I would love it if the other recipes on Tyler's blog could also be easily printed.

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