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The Best Teriyaki Chicken I've Ever Made | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

No joke, this is the best damn (grilled) teriyaki chicken that I’ve ever made! You NEED this recipe… SUBSCRIBE: | MERCH: …

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  1. Hi Sam, I freeze my fresh ginger .. cut them into large nubs.. then seal in plastic baggies..when i need to use it i just take it out of the freezer and use a fine grater..

  2. Thanks for the recipe, Sam. I'm going to cook this dish tomorrow. I actually thought you would drizzle some of the warm sauce from the pan on the stove over the chicken after you plated them. At any rate, your chicken/plate lunch looks awesome! I am having a trailer made right now for my new venture in the food selling business. I'm so excited!

  3. So I didn't have chicken thighs and used chicken wings and Im a way beginner cook. Therefore, I'm not sure how edible it will turn out but here's to trying! Thank you for the video !!!

  4. you know how you are annoyed at people on Instagram posting their kids doing cartwheels at the beach? your audience is annoyed at you saying "ow ow ow" in your videos. either man up or get proper gear like longer tongs or griller's gloves.

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