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Super Simple & Easy Healthy (ish) Meal Ideas

Super Simple & Easy Healthy (ish) Meal Ideas. Didn’t really know what to title this. Just some meal ideas to be honest. Nothing crazy. No effort is really required.

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  1. Heyyy. Apologies that these aren't the most exciting dishes, just thought I'd give a few ideasssssss for meals. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and are all doing well <3 lots of love homies xxxxxxx

  2. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CONTENT!!! Promise you won’t change yourself and keep doin what you love because your joy and happiness just radiates through the screen.

  3. Some real talk tho. Although her genetics enables her to stay so lean despite eating quite a lot, we really do forget that she actually eats so much of her veggies! Like her portion of veges in majority of her meals are hella lot! So really I don't think there's a secret to her health🤷🏻‍♀️ just honest food that is good for health!

  4. She represent the mesomorphic body type perfectly. She eats almost what ever she wants and barely work on her upper body and steel has a body of an athlete. It's a gift

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  6. Doritos! And a lazy hack I use cause ironing is overrated 😛 Hang up what you want to iron in the bathroom when you shower, and the steam will cause it to straighten!

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