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Super Easy Oven Baked Fish Recipe|Fish Recipe| Quarantine Recipe

Super Easy Oven Baked Fish Recipe Ingredients! Oven Baked Fish salt to taste pepper to taste 1 tsp dried mustard 1 tsp smoked paprika 1/3 tsp dried pepper …

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  1. I was going to make fried fish with some spanich rice, beans, and salsa BUT ill be trying this recipe instead πŸ˜” im too tired to be cooking lol just pop in oven and there.. 😁

  2. Wow that was so easy and looks awesome I cannot wait to try this recipe on my way to the Fishhouse now to get some card thank you thank you thank you looking forward to more of your recipes!

  3. This looks so delish loved watching it so good have to make these tonight or very soon whos with me! turn up my delta parole playlist in the background and enjoy! Lara

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