Super Easy Dessert Hacks (Quarantine Kitchen)

Today, Josh, Nicole and Trevor are showing you easy dessert hacks that you can make with accessible ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

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  1. Loving all these home mythical kitchen episodes. Can’t wait for my apron to be delivered on Thursday!!!!! I lucked out when it was back in stock for like 20 minutes over the weekend!!!

  2. Fact check yourself, Haribo Gummies use MALTITOL which is NOT the same as Erythritol, both are sugar alcohols, however Erythritol has a much lower glycemic index and isn't near as awful on your digestion. Those Lily's Chocolate chips you used also have stevia in it, the sweeteners are so much better than maltitol.

  3. Ok but erythritol is NOT the sugar substitute in the Haribo sugar free gummies! It's maltitol, which has like 50x the digestive upset effects of erythritol. Just saying…

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