Hey guys! In today’s video, I’ll be sharing three St. Patrick’s Day recipes including: a snack, a drink, and a yummy appetizer! These St. Patrick’s…

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  1. Wondering if the juice in the egg roll mixture made them a little soggy after that sat for a bit or does the air fryer take care of that issue. Super cute ideas for the holiday … thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hi! I'm coming over from Kiera's Channel, I love your videos and subscribed. I got some great ideas for next weeks meals for my family from your videos. Thank you!

  3. should of took some white chocolate melted it added green food coloring and then dipped the pretzel treats in the green chocolate to make it green and look more like a clover

  4. 🍩 Coming over from Kiera’s channel 😂 Your so cute. I love all your ideas but those egg rolls with the horseradish sauce… need those pronto. Love you and thanks for all your patience. Nobody is better then you

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