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Soup Recipes : Quick & Easy Chinese Cabbage Soup Recipe

The Chinese cabbage Soup is my favorite food. Because it’s easy to make and very tasty. I hope you like it and try it. Don’t miss a recipe! Please subscribe to …

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  1. I just use the pot from the start🤷‍♀️basically a nice way to get what you want…i came off from using instat soup powder, but as you like…some spices and blackseed is all i need for a base…🤷‍♀️but this looks yummie!

  2. I used this as a base. I added shredded chicken with the sausage. I also used the water I boiled my chicken in as the broth for the soup. Plain water just doesn't have enough flavor and I don't buy the stock powder. I added mushrooms too. I don't buy coriander but I did have some ground coriander so I used about a teaspoon. This soup was delicious! I am going to freeze it. I am on Keto and this is perfect. Hardly any carbs at all.

  3. I made this several times and it’s good. Oily? It doesn’t taste oily but if you’re so worried about it, use leaner meat and cut the amount of oil when you sauté the meat.

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