Soft & Crispy Focaccia | Claire Saffitz | Dessert Person

Watch Claire Saffitz make soft & crispy focaccia, a recipe from her cookbook, Dessert Person. Not only is the recipe forgiving, making it a great introduction to …

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  1. Just made this for the 3rd time today! Love listening to Claire as I make it… and the bread is to die for!
    I did use sea salt and used only 2 tsp. (All I had).
    This is one of my favorite videos! And the best part is, my kitten jumped up on the counter at the end too 😻😻

  2. I just made this today, and WOW, I almost ate it all in one sitting.
    I felt bad, since it was so good, so I had to reassure the focaccia that I would indeed be eaten later. (and yes. yes, I did ~actually~ talk to the bread.)

  3. I made this over the weekend for a few close friends. It was a huge hit! I let the dough chill in the fridge over night before baking. Not sure if that contributed, but it stuck pretty badly to the sheet pan. Any tips for when I make it again?

  4. I jut found your channel Claire. You go girl!!!! I'm so proud of the way you and other former Bon Appetit folks have pulled yourselves up out of the crap that happened to the show that I really enjoyed.

  5. Made this bread last night and oh my goodness it is delicious!!! Used the garlic Rosemary topping since thats what I had on hand, and it was amazing. Can’t wait to try her other toppings and experiment with my own. Thanks so much Claire!!

  6. Thanks, Claire – am a longtime fan of yours. πŸ™‚ Made this recipe and I am very new to baking bread – my dough definitely doubled in size whilst proofing but I knew it wasn't right when I began to do the lifting stage as it wasn't stretching. I think it was because I don't have a stand mixer and so I kneaded it for the 15 mins by hand but maybe that's just not enough? I figured that Italian people started out doing this without stand mixers so I'd be okay but nope, it was delicious but stodgy. Is there something I can do by hand or is making focaccia by hand impossible?

  7. First #1–Is there any substitution that can be made with what is required for this recipe equipment , ingredients ect. Second #2 Can this be doubled if so what adjustments would have to be done if any specifically with the pan. Thank's

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