Smashed Cucumber Salad Recipe – How to Make the World's Most Addictive Cucumber Salad

Learn how to make a Smashed Cucumber Salad! Visit for the ingredients, …

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  1. I am totally interested in every one of your recipes but your voice and emphasizing the middle of the sentence, every sentence, for no reason… is more annoying than someone that says "Umm" every 4 words…

  2. I love this recipe!! So great for the summer with a bowl of noodles. I chop up some umeboshi into a sort of paste and mix that into the dressing. Then toss it all together. Love umeboshi and cucumber.

  3. Being Chinese, this is the kind of cold dish we eat since I ever got my memory, and everyone of us knows how to cook it, different thing is we use purely the Chinese cooking knife to mash it and the garlic. Recent years some people also add vinegar marinated fried peanuts into it and it’s really the best, recommend to anyone who would like to try some more.

  4. Love the dish, great summer time flavors. One small tweak. With all the sugar and salt for the moisture removal, I found the end result a bit too salty. I rinsed the cukes in cold water after the brine (to wash off the the excess salt) then patted dry with paper towels and then put them back in the marinade. Perfect!

  5. I made this with a few modifications since I can't have sugar.

    I followed all the steps except for the one where the salt and sugar needed to be added to the cucumbers after breaking them apart. I only used salt.

    Followed the recipe exactly as he stated in video after that and the taste was very sweet with just the seasoned rice vinegar. So I'm glad I didn't use sugar in the first step.

    Left the salad overnight and it's delicious. It remains crisp. Definitely refreshing.

    I'm pairing spicy fried chicken with this.

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