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Science: For the Best Burgers, Don't Buy Ground Beef—See Why It's Best to Grind Meat Yourself!

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  1. I want a very lean burger to gain back 20 lbs of muscle I lost due to a back injury. Should I go with flank or sirloin? It’s okay if the burger isn’t as tasty as a fattier cut burger. I don’t want to develop fatty liver disease again either

  2. I grind my own beef because it's fun. No other good reason particularly, except perhaps that recently when I've bought ground beef at my local Gelson's, I encountered several sharp hard bone chips that have nearly broken some of my teeth. So, clearly this isn't right. I've never encountered this grinding my own chuck roasts from my local Smart and Final. There are also videos on youtube with meat department employees claiming that they've been instructed by management/owners to mix freshly ground beef with old expired grey/brown beef and put a new "expired by" date on it. Don't want that. So, I grind my own beef. But yeah, it tends to be both moister and crumblier if that's a problem for you. Still fun, though.

  3. Dropping something heavy on a patty to see if it splatters is not scientific nor does it prove anything. To answer the question "what did we learn from this?", I'd say nothing.

  4. In Ag, we did everything. Usually, we cut everything into steaks and roasts. Then there's the rough pieces that would be trimmed off, which with the shank and other undesired pieces, it went into the grinder. Then if you wanted sausage, we'd dump it in a mixer. One fellow had his beef ground, then had a few things he wanted added. Then we had a patty maker. You would put meat in the hopper, where an arbor would grab it like the arbor in the grinder, that would compress it down on this hard sheet of a plastic like material that had a hole the size of patty it was forced into, then all in one motion the plate would slide outside and a plate the size of the patty would slap the patty out, all you had to do is put wax paper between each patty. Then we had the tenderizer for steaks. But I was a meat eater then, where the hammer pulverizer always made better tenderized meat. We did have an old cast iron sausage stuffer, but then we moved up to stainless steel which had a better design and worked smoother.
    We had a tater peeler to. Dump taters in, with water rrunning, a few seconds later there were peeled taters. Had a chicken plucker too. Cut the head off the chicken, I think we'd hold its feet and put the chicken in this one part where the feathers were ripped out. We also had a smoking cabinet. Not to mention pee shellers. After I started hand sharpening all the knives our instructor got a $900 automatic sharpener that had a reservoir with water that pumped on the rock, then the angle was determined by the top plate. We'd use the knives when they were wore up to the back of the blade, which that sharpener still made them sharp.
    It was called a meat center, where it'd been right to call it a morgue. All the murdered animals.
    Which hunters would bring deer in. The state later ruled the deer had to have the head kept on them to determine their sex. Another way lazy butt wardens could make their job easier. But the Dept. Of Health of the same state said you can't keep the meat in the cooler where the animals head is still on.
    Odd thing, pigs could keep their heads, which would get sliced in half to be boiled to make souse meat. Pigs have thick skulls.
    Where agencies get too big, they get power where they'd eventually have citizens check in to a police department and do an alcohol test to assure you're not drinking, just so police won't have to pull people over and get out of their cars and then have to conduct tests.

  5. Ok, I'm confused, why what does having a burger that splatters everywhere prove? I don't like it when food is falling apart, it usually falls out of the bun then so what is the advantage here?

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