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Salisbury Steak Recipe – How To Make Classic Salisbury Steak and Gravy

salisburysteak #homemade #comfortfood The Wolfe Pit shows you How To Make Salisbury Steak. The Ultimate Classic Comfort Food. Simple, easy and …

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  1. Been making Salisbury Steak for years and my recipe is basically identical to yours except I use finely minced onion instead of dried onions in the meat and add the ingredients to the meat instead of the meat to the ingredients , LOLOL. Sometimes I add shrooms to the onions in the gravy when I have them and have onion and shroom gravy. Yeaaaaaaaaah!

    I always remove the steaks before adding the starch slurry. So much easier for me to mix than fighting the patties. Once the gravy is thickened I add the patties back in till time to serve, to keep them hot. Nom nom nom!

  2. It was great but noticed the water added at end u said 2 cups but listed 4 cups in written recipe . I figured it out and cooked water off little longer and higher temp to correct but overall a great recipe and family hope likes it.

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