Raw Vegan Apple Crumble: Sweets In The Raw Naturally Healthy Desserts

Today I am making Apple Crumble without any refined sugar, dairy, gluten or soy! Click here for the full recipe go to INSTAGRAM …

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  1. Well hello there sweet healthy treats! Love that you didn’t add any sugars and the crumble is something I can pre-make to take to event so I can dress up any fruits they may have. Thanks

  2. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. I’m not even vegan and I’m making this. I have some blackberries I picked from a farm in the week that I need to use. So I’m going to add them too. Can’t wait to try it. Looks so yummy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Laura! What, no baking!? Just into the freezer and that´s it!? I guess it´s ideal for a hot sunny summer when I don´t like to put my oven on to heat up the apartment even more ☺️. And the with a nice vanilla soy ice cream, mmmmmhhhhh😋……Thanks for sharing this yumminess! Fanny :))

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