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Ragi Porridge – Healthy Breakfast Recipe In 5 Minutes | Skinny Recipes

healthy ragi porridge recipe for bachelors, working women, hostel students. Ragi porridge is vegan and gluten free, ideal filling meal in those busy mornings.

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  1. Hello maam ur videos are very good u explain very well to understand easily maam am 31 years old i have pcos problem can I drink turmeric tea in summer to lose weight my weight is 94 please reply maam bye.

  2. Hi madam, I have got my thyroid result My TSH level is 4.37 mclU/ml, actually I purchased samai millet, proso millet, bornyard millet, kodo millet, brown top millet but I'm yet to start consuming …
    Kindly let me know is it okay I have these 5 millets , will be there any problem ..

    Is my TSH level okay or should I undergo treatment … does that millets helps in keep my health and thyroid normal ?

    Please reply me …

  3. Nisha chechi engine eeunda I am Maharashtrian I know very little Malayalam. Your turmeric tea mix best one but I want know that can it be useful for my 13 year daughter she loved that aroma generally she is relectant to every food stuff. Myself and my wife like your fluent English and videos as well thanks for sharing every good thing.

  4. Can I give to my 20 months old son with 1 cup water+ 3 tb ragi flour+1 tea cinnamon + 1 tea jaggery (No salt)+1 tb cold pressed virgin coconut oil ? Pls reply. Thanks.

  5. Nice recipe, I got a doubt, there is a saying that cooked and uncooked foods cannot be eaten together.. here ragi is cooked and apples aren’t.. do you have any inputs to this

  6. Hi Nisha ! Followed your bajra and ragi dosa / idli recipies and relished on some healthy , tasty and fluffy idlis !!😍 I had a doubt tho .. can we follow the same procedure with all miller’s like the barnyard millet, foxtails , kodo and proso??

  7. Hi nisa homey…lovely recipe n excellent if u provided total number of calories containing each recipe…would b easier to follow thank for support

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