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QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike

Hi guys! Here are 5 quick, tasty and healthy meal ideas to kick off 2018. I added links below for you to check out the ingredients on your own so you can meal …

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  1. The problem… I almost have non of these ingredients AND I live in a village and don't have a driver license… so first I have to get to a store and second of all… I can't transport many things with a bicycle. 😕

  2. Mike : I'm no Gordon Ramsay when it comes to being in the kitchen

    Me: yes but you are a DOCTOR MIKE when it comes to being in teh hospital

    Btw the video is amazing 😃

  3. A poem for you @doctor.mike
    "God's Marvellous Creation"

    O those dark curly hairs on your head,

    beautifully wide forehead, a brilliant brain inside that never biased,

    Those slightly dense brows, you kill millions when arc them like arrows,

    Your those naughty, innocent green eyes,

    that made me experiences a deep lush green abyss,💕

    O that Roman nose, looks like the Mose,🤗

    Your blushing, glowing cheeks, and that well sculpted jawline, 👌

    Millions heart goes AWW on that alluring smile.,😍

    You perhaps have a secret beauty regime,

    You are a good competition to giraffe when it comes to your height,

    please don't get me wrong it's just sarcastic insight.😜

    You have a caffeine intolerance,

    you turned off by arrogance,😠

    I wish I could convince you for skydiving,

    Let me try saying,

    You will surely love to experience how birds feel flying?🤔

    Coming back to you,

    You are blessed with brilliance and grace in every way,

    You raise funds for charity, brightening many lives with a hopeful ray,👍

    Your patients apparently need the least medicine,

    As your spellbound voice is the best effective vaccine,

    I can say this because my migraine fades away in a while,

    looking at your enchanting, angelic smile,😊👍

    You read minds in an instant,

    that's another blessing of God on you That indeed makes you magnificent,

    You are definitely the hottest Doc,

    that delivers factful information that invoke,

    I love to admit the fact,

    You are a true inspiration that leaves a deep impact,👏

    You made your life a worth,

    And God is surely proud to send an angel of his on Earth.🧚


    I think I can write an essay on you,

    The above lines are only few,


    Millions of viewers Reactions via my fascination,

    “I scream, we all scream…




    Thankyou for reading.

    With lots of love and blessings


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