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QUICK & HEALTHY QUINOA RECIPES ‣‣ beginner vegan recipes

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite healthy quinoa recipes that are perfect for beginners! These beginner recipes are vegan, gluten-free and we even have …

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  1. Just made the chai breakfast bowl and it's a MUST try! So much flavor with so little ingredients. LOVED how quick and delishes it was! I used plum jam, almond butter, and peanuts for my toppings. Seriously so good as long as you like chai tea flavor. Adding this one to my staples!

  2. First time on this channel. I picked up some quinoa in the bulk section and was looking for some handy-dandy ideas. Way to go, young lady, vegan, well-rounded and lots of veggies.

  3. Your recipes are always so creative and I really appreciate your authenticity as a YouTuber. Your genuine love of food and helping people to eat healthier shines through ❤️

  4. Omg everything looks delicious! I am Mexican and I love Mexican rice so I will definitely try making Spanish quinoa. The Salad dressing looks sooo good, I will try that on my salads! By the way , I made the Peanut Butter Chia pudding parfait you just shared on one of your videos and it was delicious 🤤 thank you!

  5. To be honest I don’t eat a lot of quinoa. When I do eat quinoa I love quinoa pasta like the Tinkyada brand I believe it’s called. I also have liked quinoa used a breakfast type of oatmeal but instead of oats I use the quinoa. I’ve cooked quinoa in almond milk or coconut milk with cinnamon and sometimes a dash of nutmeg and then add that cooked breakfast quinoa to a bowl with coconut yoghurt on top, nut butter like almond butter, some kind of fruit (mostly berries) and nuts and seeds on top with toasted coconut with a drizzle of honey on top. It’s really good.

  6. Hi, new here. Do you know how many days can I keep the quinoa in the fridge? I was thinking that I could add maybe a scoop of quinoa in my everyday salad but doesn’t want to cook a small portion everyday.

  7. I was wondering how you came up with your you tube name? Did you at one point only do recipes of quinoa? Lol I know I know stupid question 😆 😂

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