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Quick & Easy Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan) | The Mushroom Den

Quick ice cream recipe for a hot summer. So creamy and delicious you won’t believe it’s vegan. Hope you like it. Stay blessed! Recipe instructions and …

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  1. so can someone tell me honestly how does the taste of this compared to regular vanilla ice cream is that identical or is there like a undertone of coconut please be honest I'm not doubting that this is a healthy alternative I'm just trying to have realistic expectations

  2. It looks delicious AND vegan so I'm probably gonna love it (will make it tomorrow)! You've just got a new happy subscriber to your channel, thank you! Just a question, did the ice cream come out easily for you… ? Because the first recipe that I tried was a mess and it was so hard that I couldn't do absolutely nothing with it…

  3. YUM!! 😋 I love coconut ice cream – and I really like that this has no cooking time! I've made some coconut popsicles that you have to cook on the stove top & require extra ingredients – this is so much better!

  4. Oh wow, that looks good – and so easy – AND vegan! I just need to find a grocery store that has coconut cream and then I'll make this for sure! Have you tried making a chocolate version?

  5. saved to watch later…im so making this..Im also a new youtuber..I just posted a funny video about what ppl think we do and why i became vegan..I think you would like it

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